Computer Science Program of Study

Welcome to Century High School’s Computer Technology department. We are an Oregon state approved Program of Study that offers career technical education in Programming, Video Game Design, and Web Development.

  • Design and build web sites, games, and apps
  • Solve real problems using industry-based and cutting edge technology such as Python, Java, C#, Android Development
  • Cultivate and hone your technology skills to keep up with the latest tools and technologies to compete and engage in the global arena
Computer Game Design 1-3

This class focuses on creating computer games through the use of a game engine, such as Game Maker. Students will learn basic computer coding and computational thinking through a drag-and-drop or text-based interface, allowing them to make a variety of different games.

Programming 1 - 3

Students will learn to leverage industry-standard programming languages to solve problems and develop apps. Students will learn to process standard data structures with standard algorithms.

Web Design 1-2 and Applied Web Design

This course focuses on the creation and maintenance of web pages. Students will learn the essentials of HTML and CSS using a text editor and web graphics using Photoshop Creative Suite. Topics include website creation, web page elements, production tools, graphics, layout and design, and animation.

AP Computer Science Principles

This course explores the fi eld of computer science. Students will explore computer architecture, software development engineering, data organization, problem-solving strategies, ethics, and theory of computation. Students will also explore career option and develop rudimentary software developme...

Research and Development

This course provides structured guidance for students completing their senior project in through the computer science program. Students will learn advanced research skills necessary to prepare their senior project in technological design. The course combines hands-on activities, demonstrations,...

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