Month: October 2014

As my Applied Web Design students are beginning to step out into the world of website layout schemes, there are two main tools we plan to use to help us to structure and style 2 and 3-column layouts: the HTML5 Doctor’s HTML5 Element Flowchart and HTML5 Element Flowchart In the old days, we used to code […]
Learn the essence of binary in 4 1/2 minutes (#CSUnplugged). This video is for those of my students who missed the in-class presentation or would like to review the binary number system. It’s a highly informative overview from CSUnplugged (Computer Science UnPlugged) (#CSUnplugged). Watch the video.
I took a poll of my Programming 1 students on what topics on Game Maker that they would want me to cover. It turns out that I already have an introductory series of YouTube videos on getting started with Game Maker. This post includes the entire playlist for those wanting to simply walk through each video […]
I did this little code pen in under 10 minutes, and that included time looking for an interesting JavaScript library (I didn’t know I would create this chart). Take a gander!