Java Temperature Conversion Program beta 15pts


Write a Java program that uses Swing JOptionPane to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or Celcius to Fahrenheit, depending on the user’s preference.


  • Learn your main data types in Java (strings, integers, and doubles)
  • Learn input and output using javax.swing and JOptionPane
  • Learn math in Java to convert between temperatures (Fahrenheit and Celcius)
  • Learn repetition in Java, so user can continue to convert various temperatures until done
  • Learn conditional execution in Java, so the user can choose between Fahrenheit to Celcius or Celcius to Fahrenheit


Functionality: it needs to work and be robust (it can handle incorrect input) – 10pts

User-friendliness: it should be clear in what the program does and how to use it (as well as not be abusive to the user) – 5pts

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