Programming 2

Course Resources

HSD’s Schoology Site:

To access assignments, the class calendar, and find other materials for your Programming 2 class you will need to log in using your HSD username and current password (the same one you use to log onto the network at school).

  • Learn Java Online – this is a great resource with basic and advanced programming techniques in Java. Not only that, but there doesn’t seem to be a paying feature, so you shouldn’t ever have to stop in the middle of the online course because you didn’t pay for the premium service
  • Students, start learning Java online with Learnaroo. You’ll need an account, but it’s free, and there are many other similar topics you can learn that will help give you strong coding skills.
  • The 6 programming instructions in Java my in-class presentation on the 6 programming instructions in Java


  1. Java Temperature Conversion Program – Beta 15pts


This year marks the return to Java for the primary programming language we will learn. This is mainly so we can learn both Java and Android development and support the Software Entrepreneurs Club.

Download the Android Development Toolkit at Home

  1. First Download the Java Developer Kit v. 6 (JDK 6)
  2. Next Download the Eclipse ADT Bundle (it will have everything else, including Eclipse and the Android SDK for Windows)
    • NOTE: this is a zipped file, so you just need to extract it into C:\Program Files
  3. Finally, get yourself some good GUI designer tools for Eclipse, by watching this handy video tutorial below:

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